17th Annual and Final

Madrid Bluegrass Ramble

June 29, 2013

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Madrid Bluegrass Festival

Nurse costume
Leather corset
Leather lingerie
Plus size Halloween costumes
Women jeans
Little black dress
Vampire costume
Babydoll lingerie
underbust corset
Plus size lingerie
Little white dress

    Madrid Bluegrass Ramble 2007 Results

    1/2 Marathon Overall Results

FinishFirst NameLast NameFinish TimeSexAge Group
1JonFrench1:12:31M20 to 29
2Eric Barr1:19:38M20 to 29
3DanDominie1:19:43M40 to 49
4BillAmberman1:27:59M50 to 59
5StephanieO'Brien1:29:27F30 to 39
6TomVan deWater1:29:27M40 to 49
7CindyNew1:34:20F50 to 59
8CharlesLavergne1:34:20M50 to 59
9MarkPhillips1:36:03M50 to 59
10JennyTownsend1:37:21F30 to 39
11JefferyByrne1:39:38M50 to 59
12Kevin Hollis1:40:29M30 to 39
13TimLaSala1:40:47M20 to 29
14AprilMartin1:41:08F40 to 49
15ShondelBoyden1:41:09F30 to 39
16MichaelO'Bryan1:41:52M19 and Under
17LarryRowe1:42:54M50 to 59
18MichaelaRoebothan1:43:05F30 to 39
19PaulPierce1:43:48M40 to 49
20MattPierce1:43:48M19 and Under
21BillHull1:44:24M50 to 59
22HillaryRusch1:46:17F40 to 49
23AmyHollister1:50:59F20 to 29
24SheilaHess1:53:19F30 to 39
25BetsyKepes1:53:42F40 to 49
26BillBarnes1:53:45M60 to 69
27LarryReynolds1:55:27M50 to 59
28DarrenFurnace1:57:54M40 to 49
29NancyKotarski2:00:35F40 to 49
30PamRowe2:01:41F40 to 49
31CharHeiney2:01:41F40 to 49
32JacobAshley2:11:22M19 and Under
33MaureenDurki2:23:07F50 to 59
34EmilyDurki2:23:08F20 to 29
35KathyRogers2:23:09F50 to 59
36FloydFirman2:44:37M60 to 69
37TimBeldock9:59:59M20 to 29
38HeatherVeinott9:59:59F20 to 29

    5K Overall Results

FinishFirst NameLast NameFinish TimeSexAge Group
1BrandonKenny17:45M19 and Under
2JoeBeaudette19:11M19 and Under
3RickSwift19:28M60 to 69
4RyanRemington20:27M19 and Under
5JimEarle20:32M50 to 59
6BrandonPerrine21:02M19 and Under
7JoeGeiser21:34M19 and Under
8TedDominy21:35M30 to 39
9AlexBoak21:51M19 and Under
10EmilyCoty21:52F19 and Under
11RoyRemington22:01M40 to 49
12RobertHasseler22:12M70 and over
13AaronCote22:13M19 and Under
14HughWilson23:02M60 to 69
15PeterGrivakes23:09M60 to 69
16JeanBernaquez23:25M70 and over
17MollyByrne24:01F20 to 29
18KimSprague24:02M50 to 59
19LynnOhlsten24:37F40 to 49
20RosemarieLaforce26:02F30 to 39
21MarkHawkins26:34M19 and Under
22JohnWarner26:55M50 to 59
23DanSpink27:29M50 to 59
24JohnHamm27:33M50 to 59
25CathyVallance27:58F40 to 49
26ConnorPelkey28:01M19 and Under
27PamDalton28:07F40 to 49
28RonReid28:16M50 to 59
29AllisonMousaw28:22F19 and Under
30RichardBates29:01M50 to 59
31OnalieBeckstead29:22F19 and Under
32BrendaPreston29:49F40 to 49
33KathyPike30:00F40 to 49
34JeffreyPerrine30:05M40 to 49
35LizDargie30:07F19 and Under
36PaulPreston30:37M50 to 59
37KelceyRusch30:57F19 and Under
38LamarBliss31:07F50 to 59
39AutumnBeckstead31:09F19 and Under
40Erin White31:34F20 to 29
41JudyTyo31:35F40 to 49
42LeeVan deWater32:01M19 and Under
43AshleeOsoway32:38F20 to 29
44NancyAuster43:38F70 and over
45KimberleyWise35:07F20 to 29
46RainaStoutenburg37:50F20 to 29
47JayKepes37:51M19 and Under
48SaraOlin38:16F19 and Under
49AmberLamar38:16F19 and Under
50JulieLamar39:26F30 to 39
51CarolynLamar39:26F19 and Under
52MelissaMoulton46:04F30 to 39
53MichaelKotarski46:27M19 and Under
54VanessaOakes47:25F40 to 49
55Alice Reed47:26F50 to 59
56EricaPreston53:06F20 to 29
57DavidAeschbacher53:07M20 to 29
58KathyConnor54:38F40 to 49
59WinnieButterfield58:34F60 to 69
60DonAuster58:34M70 and over
61LarryOakes58:44M40 to 49
62SteveReed58:45M50 to 59
63PaulKotarski1:05:50M19 and Under
64SuzanneBrown1:13:11F50 to 59
65SusanHughesDNFF50 to 59

    10K Overall Results

FinishFirst NameLast NameFinish TimeSexAge Group
1MikePreston38:06M20 to 29
2JefGallagher38:44M20 to 29
3KentFetter39:04M40 to 49
4EthanTownsend40:44M30 to 39
5MatthewBell42:00M19 and Under
6DougHuntley42:54M50 to 59
7HenryDeSouza44:49M50 to 59
8HarryGarvey46:08M50 to 59
9KaraRusch46:39F30 to 39
10ColleenCotey47:07F19 and Under
11KristinShumway47:14F19 and Under
12ShannonKenny47:35F30 to 39
13BobRogers47:47M50 to 59
14JimOhlsten48:24M40 to 49
15TonyEngstrom48:56M30 to 39
16GregHAYES48:57M20 to 29
17CarolynPalmer49:10F40 to 49
18PaulGibbs49:13M50 to 59
19NickHughes51:24M30 to 39
20KatePorter52:52F30 to 39
21Dan Casey54:58M40 to 49
22JohnRosales55:24M40 to 49
23Shawn Reeves56:56M19 and Under
24LouiseMathieu57:33F40 to 49
25DebraMousaw58:04F30 to 39
26MaryHerzog1:00:33F50 to 59
27MatildaLarson1:01:45F30 to 39
28JoanFirman1:03:19F60 to 69
29JulieBailey1:04:42F30 to 39
30DerryLoucks1:08:40M50 to 59
31Erin Brown1:16:32F20 to 29
32JenniferMurphy1:19:18F30 to 39
33Lori BethMurphy1:19:19F30 to 39
34KellyTrombley1:38:49F40 to 49
35Rene'eDominie1:38:50F50 to 59
36AidanScagel1:39:02M19 and Under
37TimmScagel1:39:02M50 to 59
38KimRichards1:39:02F40 to 49
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