17th Annual and Final

Madrid Bluegrass Ramble

June 29, 2013

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Madrid Bluegrass Festival

Nurse costume
Leather corset
Leather lingerie
Plus size Halloween costumes
Women jeans
Little black dress
Vampire costume
Babydoll lingerie
underbust corset
Plus size lingerie
Little white dress

    Madrid Bluegrass Ramble 2008 Results

    1/2 Marathon Overall Results

FinishFirst NameLast NameFinish TimeSexAge Group
1EricBarr1:17:51M20 to 29
2DanielDominie1:23:41M40 to 49
3StephanieO'Brien1:31:32F30 to 39
4MichaelNancollas1:35:29M40 to 49
5VincentGuyonnet1:36:22M40 to 49
6CindyNew1:36:55F50 to 59
7CharlesLavergne1:42:30M50 to 59
8Tyler Hayes1:42:47M19 and Under
9Dennis Block1:43:08M40 to 49
10Shawn Curley1:43:22M19 and Under
11Kevin Hollis1:43:26M30 to 39
12WillGlass1:44:49M40 to 49
13BillHull1:46:31M50 to 59
14PeterFeickert1:46:41M50 to 59
15JoeDuVall1:48:10M50 to 59
16MatthewTessier1:48:37M30 to 39
17ShondelBoyden1:50:30F30 to 39
18AprilMartin1:50:30F40 to 49
19MichaelO'Bryan1:53:02M19 and Under
20ShannonKenny1:53:12F30 to 39
21JamesFerguson1:53:28M30 to 39
22HollyO'Brien1:55:04F30 to 39
23JoshuaMiller1:55:31M20 to 29
24NicoleHeldt1:55:48F30 to 39
25JordonFoster1:58:53M19 and Under
26AndrewTupper1:58:53M19 and Under
27AlenaBicknell2:03:34F40 to 49
28TimMorley2:04:11M50 to 59
29MargaretFerguson2:04:36F30 to 39
30Mary Shea-Herzog2:04:47F50 to 59
31MargaretWears2:06:51F50 to 59
32MichelleColoney2:12:47F20 to 29
33LyleMontgomery2:22:05F40 to 49
34MariaFlores2:26:21F20 to 29
35PeterJackson2:43:33M40 to 49
36DonnaKerr3:11:44F40 to 49
37JonFrench9:59:59M20 to 29

    5K Overall Results

FinishFirst NameLast NameFinish TimeSexAge Group
1KeithCasserly18:55M30 to 39
2TravisCorkins18:58M19 and Under
3RickSwift20:37M60 to 69
4ZacharyKenny21:14M19 and Under
5BeauBoyden21:31M19 and Under
6Lisa Auster-Gussman21:43F19 and Under
7TomCosgro21:50M20 to 29
8JimEarle21:56M50 to 59
9Nate Rocker21:58M19 and Under
10AlexaCosgro22:00F19 and Under
11Steve Weiss22:11M50 to 59
12JessieAkins22:32F20 to 29
13AaronBisch22:43M19 and Under
14MariahCasserly23:35F20 to 29
15KristenBetrus23:45F30 to 39
16W. WarrenAmidon25:03M20 to 29
17Jean PaulClaude25:34M60 to 69
18LynnOhlsten25:37F40 to 49
19RachelPryzby26:26F20 to 29
20RonDumoulin26:43M60 to 69
21BobCowser27:43M30 to 39
22DanielSpink28:32M50 to 59
23OnalieBeckstead28:50F19 and Under
24JoanneWellings29:11F30 to 39
25JaySibbitts29:20M19 and Under
26Kevin Cosgro29:28M40 to 49
27Lindsey Auster-Weiss29:38F19 and Under
28Ellen Auster 30:02F50 to 59
29Kathleen Orr30:23F40 to 49
30JoanneFirman30:56F60 to 69
31ErinWhite32:04F20 to 29
32Amy Cuny32:20F40 to 49
33ElaineAmberman32:58F50 to 59
34FrancineNaccarato33:04F60 to 69
35SueRoberts34:51F40 to 49
36JessicaKrupa34:51F20 to 29
37Denise Rocker35:17F40 to 49
38BarbaraCuny35:47F60 to 69
39Wendy Amidon36:25F19 and Under
40WilliamAmidon36:37M40 to 49
41AutumnBeckstead37:19F19 and Under
42CourtneyGreen38:41F19 and Under
43BruceGreen38:41M40 to 49
44Paula Skiff39:01F40 to 49
45David Rocker39:30M40 to 49
46NancySkiff41:23F70 and over
47Larry Rocker42:33M70 and over
48JeffreyThornton43:04M70 and over
49MichelleRocker46:47F19 and Under
50Jennettie Amidon46:49F19 and Under
51SusanHughes47:13F50 to 59
52NancyAuster47:21F70 and over
53John Rocker47:39M19 and Under
54Mary JoRocker48:09F40 to 49
55SarahCosgro48:31F40 to 49
56Amy Rocker48:34F40 to 49
57Wendy Wais48:34F40 to 49
58VenessaOakes48:52F40 to 49
59AliceReed48:54F50 to 59
60GarySibbitts49:13M50 to 59
61TerrySibbitts49:15F50 to 59
62Jennettie Rocker50:05F70 and over
63AmberKoch54:31F19 and Under
64MichelleO'Brien54:31F30 to 39
65RonReid58:57M50 to 59
66Anne Reid58:58F50 to 59
67Larry Oakes1:0:20M40 to 49
68StephenReed1:0:21M60 to 69
69Matthew McGrath1:0:35M19 and Under
70Anne Amidon1:05:22F40 to 49

    10K Overall Results

FinishFirst NameLast NameFinish TimeSexAge Group
1MatthewPierce36:25M19 and Under
2MichaelPreston36:36M20 to 29
3Shawn Spriggs39:15M20 to 29
4Paula Pierce39:21M50 to 59
5JimAllott40:06M40 to 49
6KentFetter41:32M40 to 49
7LennieDavis42:03M40 to 49
8MatthiasPurvis43:20M20 to 29
9TonyDunbar43:34M60 to 69
10HenryDeSouza44:06M50 to 59
11SarahGardner45:25F20 to 29
12BillAmberman46:30M50 to 59
13Larry Rowe46:42M50 to 59
14TedDominy48:17M30 to 39
15DarrenFurnace49:10M40 to 49
16JimOhlsten49:24M40 to 49
17NathanParente49:32M20 to 29
18SeanDoyle49:37M50 to 59
19MatthewAkins51:27M30 to 39
20NancyKotarski53:03F40 to 49
21BethMock53:16F30 to 39
22CarsonSmith54:22M19 and Under
23JamieSinclair55:15M20 to 29
24LouiseParks55:20F40 to 49
25JacquelineDanis56:43F20 to 29
26KathyAllott56:51F50 to 59
27Denise Anthony56:51F40 to 49
28MichaelTulloch56:57M50 to 59
29KathyThompson57:29F50 to 59
30SharonHoward57:38F30 to 39
31PamRowe59:24F40 to 49
32NormWarner59:57M60 to 69
33David Pedley1:00:12M60 to 69
34SpurgeonSmith1:00:37M19 and Under
35AnastasiaHull1:00:38F19 and Under
36DebraMousaw1:00:40F30 to 39
37ElizabethO'Bryan1:06:21F19 and Under
38DaleThompson1:06:41M60 to 69
39ReneeDominie1:12:39F40 to 49
40LauraFrank1:12:40F40 to 49
41CandaceCowser1:12:41F30 to 39
42JeffreyMcGrath9:59:59M40 to 49
43GloriaUhle9:59:59F50 to 59
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