17th Annual and Final

Madrid Bluegrass Ramble

June 29, 2013

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Madrid Bluegrass Festival

Nurse costume
Leather corset
Leather lingerie
Plus size Halloween costumes
Women jeans
Little black dress
Vampire costume
Babydoll lingerie
underbust corset
Plus size lingerie
Little white dress

    Madrid Bluegrass Ramble 2009 Results

    1/2 Marathon Overall Results

FinishFirst NameLast NameFinish TimeSexAge Group
1JohnEng1:23:15M19 and Under
2JasonLorenc1:27:27M30 to 39
3DanDominy1:28:51M40 to 49
4ZacharyKenny1:30:04M19 and Under
5TimDowling1:31:21M20 to 29
6BillAmberman1:31:48M50 to 59
7StephanieO'Brien1:32:36F30 to 39
8JordanFoster1:33:45M19 and Under
9MathewCorbine1:34:14M19 and Under
10MichaelWagner1:35:14M20 to 29
11SunaStone McMasters1:37:27F40 to 49
12AndyTupper1:39:36M19 and Under
13KevinHollis1:40:52M30 to 39
14ShondelBoyden1:41:34F30 to 39
15PatrickStich1:42:30M30 to 39
16JoeDuvall1:43:33M50 to 59
17DarrenFurnace1:50:38M40 to 49
18ShannonKenny1:51:23F30 to 39
19Tina Meuten1:52:34F30 to 39
20AndyChichester1:52:35M40 to 49
21KimRussell1:53:05F40 to 49
22JoshuaTupper1:55:13M19 and Under
23MichelleWagner1:55:20F30 to 39
24TimRichards1:57:31M40 to 49
25KevinTupper1:59:23M30 to 39
26FloydKrack2:00:05M50 to 59
27JacquelineDanis2:00:20F20 to 29
28NancyKotarski2:03:01F40 to 49
29WayneRatowski2:03:14M60 to 69
30LindseyJones2:07:39F20 to 29
31ShannonRobinson2:11:42F30 to 39
32KlausMarshall2:14:38M50 to 59
33Kathy Dinatale2:34:05F40 to 49
34PatHackett2:35:01M50 to 59

    5K Overall Results

Due to a clock malfunction all untimed runners were given a finish time of 9:59:59 for sorting purposes

FinishFirst NameLast NameFinish TimeSexAge Group
1PeterMallett17:03M20 to 29
2TedWisner17:43M30 to 39
3PeterGordon18:01M40 to 49
4ConnorGordon18:15M19 and Under
5LeonardDeshane18:24M20 to 29
6JeffJones18:33M19 and Under
7MorganMarlow18:40M19 and Under
8RourkMarlow18:45M19 and Under
9RickSwift18:51M60 to 69
10JerryKerrigan19:52M60 to 69
11TomLauzon19:57M30 to 39
12ThomasLauzon20:13M19 and Under
13TomCosgro20:15M20 to 29
14NateRocker20:17M19 and Under
15PedroAlvarez20:19M20 to 29
16KyleDalmer20:22M19 and Under
17KodySharlow20:29M19 and Under
18KristenBetrus21:06F30 to 39
19NathanParente21:42M20 to 29
20JacobWellings21:55M19 and Under
21EmilyPierce21:56F20 to 29
22AimeeBaudette21:56F19 and Under
23LaurenOrosz22:05F19 and Under
24SophieGoogic22:06F19 and Under
25EmilyCotey22:12F19 and Under
26HannahSeguin22:19F19 and Under
27BrianNewton22:31M19 and Under
28JohnTriolo22:38M40 to 49
29JoanneTeriele23:08F19 and Under
30KaitlinFanning23:08F19 and Under
31NormanSeguin23:25M30 to 39
32EricRobinson24:02M20 to 29
33LynnOhlsten24:14M40 to 49
34PatrickHolland24:29M40 to 49
35KevinSharlow24:30M40 to 49
36KateBackus25:27F30 to 39
37TrentFurnace25:33M20 to 29
38Jean PaulClaude25:45M60 to 69
39MaddieSt. Pierre25:49F19 and Under
40MegDodge25:50F19 and Under
41AllisonMousaw26:38F19 and Under
42BethanyTombolillo26:41F20 to 29
43EmmaTriolo26:45F19 and Under
44DonRussell26:54M50 to 59
45AnneSchneider26:59F30 to 39
46EmilyGriffin27:11F20 to 29
47SarahTriolo27:37F19 and Under
48AnnCarberry27:54F40 to 49
49RossVallance28:12M20 to 29
50CathyVauame28:28F40 to 49
51BrooksFinnegan28:29M20 to 29
52RonReid28:51M60 to 69
53DaneKasarian29:19M30 to 39
54RachelLeroux29:34F30 to 39
55KevinCosgro30:10M40 to 49
56KathyPike30:30F40 to 49
57KimKeeley30:55F20 to 29
58ElaineAmberman31:31F50 to 59
59SusanWilliamson31:32F40 to 49
60DeniseRocker31:59F40 to 49
61TraciePrashaw32:44F40 to 49
62PamDoty32:52F50 to 59
63WendyAmidon33:05F19 and Under
64AlexaCosgro34:01F19 and Under
65TammyFinnegan34:37F30 to 39
66CareyWhite34:53F30 to 39
67FeliciaNeahr35:26F20 to 29
68MichelleRocker36:27F19 and Under
69PaulaSkiff36:42F40 to 49
70DavidRocker36:59M40 to 49
71DonnaAlvarez39:25F50 to 59
72NancySkiff39:37F70 and over
73LarryRocker39:44M70 and over
74JillConrad39:45F50 to 59
75RosmaryPhillips39:45F50 to 59
76AutumnBeckstead40:24F19 and Under
77JoanneRocker41:59F40 to 49
78JeffThornton Sr.43:13M70 and over
79NancyAuster43:37F70 and over
80JennettieAmidon44:25F19 and Under
81JohnRocker44:26M19 and Under
82SarahCosgro46:35F40 to 49
83Mary JRocker47:11F40 to 49
84LarryOakes9:59:59M40 to 49
85AliceReed9:59:59F50 to 59
86JeanettieRocker9:59:59F70 and over
87SueSheridan9:59:59F50 to 59
88SharonSullivan9:59:59F40 to 49
89AnneAmidon9:59:59F50 to 59
90IngredSoestad9:59:59F50 to 59
91CarolOpdyke9:59:59F60 to 69
92RogerKirkey9:59:59M60 to 69
93StephenReed9:59:59M60 to 69
94VanessaOakes9:59:59F40 to 49

    10K Overall Results

    Due to a clock malfunction all untimed runners were given a finish time of 9:59:59 for sorting purposes

FinishFirst NameLast NameFinish TimeSexAge Group
1MattRussell33:47M20 to 29
2MatthewPierce37:09M19 and Under
3JeffLyndaker37:10M30 to 39
4ShaunSpriggs37:55M30 to 39
5AndyWhittier38:14M40 to 49
6KentFetter40:27M40 to 49
7ZachDodge40:57M20 to 29
8TomBrogan43:24M40 to 49
9TrentonClark45:01M40 to 49
10MargieHarmer45:14F30 to 39
11AprilMartin45:30F40 to 49
12LarryRowe45:35M50 to 59
13BenizieTriolo46:00F40 to 49
14TedDominy46:22M30 to 39
15KristinShumway46:37F20 to 29
16MarkPhillips47:01M60 to 69
17PattiDenesha47:12F40 to 49
18JimOhlsten48:02M40 to 49
19BethMack48:11F30 to 39
20BobRogers48:44M50 to 59
21LynShort49:59F50 to 59
22MikeLocanti50:47M60 to 69
23LouiseParks51:17F40 to 49
24KateSt. Pierre51:34F30 to 39
25MeghanVan House51:49F30 to 39
26KatherineCrul51:56F30 to 39
27John Sterling52:15M60 to 69
28DeniseAnthony54:26F40 to 49
29Henryde Souza54:28M50 to 59
30DanDodge54:56M50 to 59
31DebraMousaw55:04F40 to 49
32LauraPierie56:12F40 to 49
33SpencerFinnegan56:13M30 to 39
34Amy Wilkes56:17F30 to 39
35PamRowe58:41F40 to 49
36JoanneWellings59:24F30 to 39
37JulieBailey59:43F30 to 39
38OnalieBeckstead1:01:29F19 and Under
39Jae JaeLombardo9:59:59F30 to 39
40ChristyBass9:59:59F30 to 39
41MikeBass9:59:59M30 to 39
42PamDalton9:59:59F40 to 49
43DavidPedley9:59:59M60 to 69
44Joan Firman9:59:59F60 to 69
45DeborahSutliff9:59:59F40 to 49
46DanaOlzenak9:59:59F30 to 39
47LisaAvery9:59:59F30 to 39
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